We offer services in all areas of business management to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. 

At The Ascential Group, LLC., Customer Centricity and  extreme attention to process details (the little things that make a BIG difference), along with outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We offer unparalleled strategic consulting expertise and support for :


- Sales and Service Process and Programs

- CRM and CMS Systems Design and Implementations

- Resource Alignment and Staffing Analysis

- Quality Assurance Program Development

- Sales and Marketing Automation

- Training and People Development



It's not about the software...


CRM Business Process Integration

Over the years, The Ascential Group has earned a reputation as THE CRM EXPERTS!  We have several very successful consultants in this area of expertise who's insight and approach will guide your companies new CRM initiative to ensure all aspects, platforms and capabilities are leveraged to their fullest extent to guarantee you realize the fullest potential of your CRM.


Our CRM process starts where it needs to, and that is defining YOUR processes. This is the most common mistake that most make when implementing a CRM program.  We spend a great deal of time defining your processes based on your business and your objectives. This exercise is extremely valuable and extremely eye opening for every client we have worked with.

Once we have done this, we design your CRM to support your processes so that the systems actually help your end users be more productive, efficient and effective. A big difference from being frustrated with a system that actually takes them in the opposite direction.


For our larger clients who are looking to get more out of their CRM investment in Oracle or Siebel, we can help!


We have proven successes with several major Fortune 500 clients that came to us to rejuvenate their large CRM investments.  To say we exceeded their expectations is an understatement! (ask for our testimonials)


Our unique approach and expertise is quickly realized by removing the barriers that commonly hinder end-user adoption, system performance, enterprise wide satisfaction and ultimately ROI.



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We Deliver:

We simply:


  • Increase enterprise wide productivity.
  • Establish and maintain positive ROI from systems and software expenses.
  • Streamline and enhance enterprise wide information sharing and communications.
  • Increase company wide moral as a result of employees actually liking the systems and tools they use each day because it makes each of them more productive ,efficient, effective and it makes sense!
  • Enable visibility into your business KPI's via analytics that you have always wished you could have visibility into. Now you will!